Dishwasher Tablet Comparison

Peter Malaise spoke to EYS regarding dishwasher detergents.

The main pollutants in the wastewater of a dishwasher depend on the type of tablet or powder being used.

Standard products
Standard supermarket products are often composed of badly degradable compounds.
There might be a large amount surfactant residue from the mainly fossil-fuel ingredients, which are  not readily degradable. The synthetic fragrances commonly used are undocumented due to no legal obligations.

Eco-alternatives are made using plant-based, readily biodegradable ingredients. The fragrances used will be mainly biodegradable fragrances, but still these are undocumented.

Peter has compared three of our top-selling dishwasher tablets
+   Hakawerk tablets vs Ecover tablets vs  Greenspeed tablets


Conventional product ratings take in account two parameters: price and performance. But at EYS we want to go the whole nine miles: we evaluate respect towards health and environment as well. That is what distinguishes a future proof product from an average one. Here are the 3 Things You Should Know About Appliance Home Insurance before purchasing any kind of appliances.

Fig 1: Comparison between Greenspeed dishwasher tablets, Hakawerk Sorella dishwasher tablets and Ecover dishwasher tablets

Green is OK
Orange means ‘should be improved’ OR information not readily available
Red is ‘not acceptable as a sustainable ingredient’
NOTE: Resorption is the breakdown of product components into harmless parts that aquatic life can feed on.


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