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Our passion is to supply products that<br /> protect the coastal environment


Sheila Goddard – Owner & interior care guru

Hi, I’m Sheila, ex-stewardess, mother of 2 boys, grandmother and founder of Environmental Yacht Services and Source Training.

I’m an environmentalist at heart with a deep love of the ocean. I grew up by the sea and feel a strong responsibility to help preserve it, not just for myself but for my children and grandchildren too.


My life has always revolved around yachting and one thing that is still so noticeable is the huge amount of wastewater being released into the ports and coastal areas. One yacht doing it would not be so much of a problem, but when hundreds and thousands of yachts are disposing of dirty, chemical filled water every day the damage can be irreparable: the “Silent Killer”.

Nature would never be able to support this type of pollution with yachts steadily increasing in size, so I founded EYS with one strong and powerful mission:

To change the way the yachting industry impacts the ocean by making it easy to buy eco-friendly products anywhere in the world.

Since we began, we’ve established a trustworthy and reliable business that supplies eco-friendly products to yachts around the globe. We go above and beyond to make sure that yachts have easy access to a wide selection of eco products that do the job properly and we deliver to wherever you are in the world… even if you’re going through the Panama Canal (yes, we did that).

We’d love for you to join us on our journey to help preserve the oceans we all love.

EYS Facts

As a team, we are dedicated to delivering your products to you on time, we’ll do pretty much anything to make sure they get to you. 

A last minute request came in from a yacht on its way through the Panama Canal at Christmas. And we made sure they got their order before they reached the Pacific Ocean.


Panama Canal

A request came in from a yacht on its way through the Panama Canal. We delivered before they reached the Pacific Ocean.

IMG_7196_David delivery 02

Up the coast

David can tell many stories of chasing yachts from Cap d’Antibes to Monaco, and always delivers with a smile.

Dee in Office Photo by Kaidi

Helpful advice

We always happy to share our knowledge and guide you through the many unusual requests that come with a busy season.

Antibes, France - June 30, 2013: luxury yachts in the marina of Antibes on the French Riviera

Last minute

We are experts at handling last minute orders, even on weekends. We do our best to keep to your timeframe, no matter how short.

Our Catalogue Journey









We are looking forward to continuing the journey with you…

Upcycling for charity

David started the Eco Crew charity in January 2012 and works in collaboration with a charity in Ventimiglia to send unwanted uniforms from yachts to poverty-stricken areas of Moldavia & Romania.

All David asks is that whatever you donate, whether crew uniforms, linen or duvets, you respect that some other person is going to receive your items. So please make sure they are clean and properly packed.

Got a question? We’d love to hear from you.
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