Chemical Guys – Laundry Liquid – Microfiber Wash



Works on all microfiber cloths, removing dirt, grease, and stains.
It dissolves wax, polish, and other detailing chemicals for ultra-soft residue-free fabric.
Restore softness to microfiber
Highly concentrated.

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Formulated to be safe for use with standard & high efficiency machines. Microfiber Wash is designed to clean cloths by hand or machine.

How To Use:
For a small load, add 1oz. (approximately 4-5 capfuls) to your wash. For a full load, add 2oz. (approximately 8-10 capfuls) to your wash. For heavily soiled items, pre-soak with 2oz. in a 5-gallon bucket filled with warm water and let soak. Once soiled towels have soaked, place them in the washing machine for a regular cycle with Microfiber Wash.

Wash microfibre cloths with warm wash water. Dry microfibre cloths with low to medium dryer heat. Excessive dryer heat can permanently ‘cook’ microfibre, rendering it hard and liable to scratch sensitive surfaces.

Note: Cloths with built-up grease will continue to have black staining. We recommend designating those cloths for the same specific job.

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Chemical Guys - Laundry Liquid - Microfiber Wash - Material Safety Data Sheet*