Natural Fibre Bristle Brush 20cm

Natural Fibre Bristle Brush 20cm


Perfect for dusting the tricky angles of vents and slats
Cleans up residue and coffee grounds from coffee machines and grinders

  • Brand – Redecker

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The Redecker family has been making brushes for over 75 years. Friedrich Redecker ‘Senior’ became blind at age four and was enrolled in the school for the blind in Germany. The standard training for the blind at the time was hand-making brushes. Over time, Redecker started his own brush making company to provide for his family and they’ve been in business ever since

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This soft, black-bristled brush is well suited for clearing coffee grounds and residue from your espresso machine or coffee grinder. Constructed of durable beechwood and natural fibres that are safe to use under boiling water



  • Please don’t ever lay the brushes on a heater to dry, otherwise the soft bristles may dry out and scratch surfaces