Fabric Softener Comparison

There is so much talk about fabric softeners. We buy them because they make our clothes smell fresher and feel softer by breaking down the mineral deposits which make fabrics hard. They also reduce static, which stops clothes sticking together! I decided to ask Peter Malaise to add vinegar to the comparisons as many of us think that by using vinegar we are being very eco.


Conventional product ratings take in account two parameters: price and performance. But at EYS we want to go the whole nine miles: we evaluate respect towards health and environment as well. That is what distinguishes a future proof product from an average one.

Fig 1: Comparison between Soupline ‘Grand Air’, Shop-brand white vinegar, and Ecover fabric softener ‘Apple blossom & almond’

Green is OK
Orange means ‘should be improved’ OR information not readily available
Red is ‘not acceptable as a sustainable ingredient’
NOTE: Resorption is the breakdown of product components into harmless parts that aquatic life can feed on.


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