Caring for your silverware

  • Silver is definitely not a dishwasher friendly item
  • Wash it with a phosphate free detergent and dry by hand
  • It is important to use a soft cloth when drying the silver to prevent scratching

With frequent use, your silver should stay tarnish free; however, occasional polishing is necessary. For a lightly tarnished piece we recommend a Silver Dusting Cloth such as the Hagerty Silver Duster. For a heavier tarnish use Christofle Anti-Tarnish Liquid. When time is short, Goddard’s Silver Foam Paste is the perfect solution, quickly polish the item, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Top Tips
Use silver dips with caution as they are diluted acids, often stripping the shine from silver, removing factory-applied patinas and causing pitting of the object’s surface.

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